About Highway Chapel

Christ Community Church

Highway Chapel Purpose (Ephesians 4 verse 12)

Vision – To see Jesus Christ power made perfect in our weakness (2nd Corinthians 1:3-4)

Mission – To grow by God’s grace beyond brokenness (2nd Corintians 1:3-4)

History: (Isaiah 46 verse 9)

 In 1987, Carson Culp Sr. was called by God to renovate the dilapidated church building, formerly known as the ‘McIntee Church”, which was built in 1888.

As a child, Carson Culp Sr. attended the McIntee Church, where his mother played the organ. At the time of this great mission, he was in poor health. God however, made his strength evident through weakness in Carson Culp Sr. In 1992

Carson Culp Sr. was once again called by God and became the Pastor of this church. Although this church is small in size, it grew in God’s love by his grace.

Those that once followed Carson Culp Sr., in community establishments (music and dance), now found a home in God’s house with Pastor Carson Culp Sr. in what is now known as Highway Chapel.

 This church celebrates its rich history, roots in country gospel music, and is blessed with gifted musicians and singers. God’s heart and hands are the blueprint for the foundation of this little church. Pastor Carson Culp Senior and his beautiful wife Eleanor (married for 62 years), continued to serve until in January 2013, Eleanor suffered a debilitating stroke. In the summer of 2013, Pastor Carson Culp Sr. and Jr., attempted what is now known as a “summer experiment”. 

This involved providing two seperate Sunday services in two churches. (Christ Community Church and Highway Chapel). This would now allow Carson Culp Jr. to be present in both churches. Sadly Eleanor died on February 18, 2014. She went home to be with Jesus. Not even 12 weeks later, Carson Culp Sr., suffered a stroke, and on February 27, 2015 he went home to be with Jesus. Pastor Carson Culp Jr., would go on to fulfill God’s purpose and calling on his life. He is currently still serving as Pastor in both churches.

 Core Values

We Are Genuine ( James 2 verse 17)

  • Striving to be Authentic Christians
  • Seeking Transparency and Trustworthiness in all things

We are Caring (Galatians 6 Verse 2)

  • Inclusive and accepting
  • The cornerstone of our church family and community
  • Work together in love and faith
  • Grow our faith in Jesus Christ

We are to be Transformed (Romans 12 verse 2)

  • Relying on the Word of God
  • The Holy Spirit who affects change in our hearts and minds of God’s people

We are Prayerful (Phillipians 4 verse 6 – 7)

  • We seek God’s will 
  • We have two way fellowship 
  • We do so through prayer and supplication

Our Mission Field (Mathew 28 verse 19 – 20)

  • Worshiping God by Faith, through works, service, commitment witnessing, modeling, prayer, and unconditional love

We believe (Romans 10: 9-19)

  • The Bible is God’s final word
  • God’s word holds the key to salvation
  • The Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is Gods son
  • Jesus is our Lord and Savior
  • Without faith we are lost
  • Jesus was a man, who died on the cross, rose again, ascended into
  • heaven where he reigns and interceeds for us
  • Jesus will return for his believers and hold to account those who do not believe
  • Jesus is the only way to Salvation
  • The Holy Spirit comes to all who invite him in
  • Spiritual gifts are given by God according to his purpose 
  • Jesus is the head of our church
  • Worshiping our Lord is biblical and scriptural
  • Communion is celebrated monthly by all who have accepted Jesus as Lord
  • Children are covered by the parents faith, until they are of an age to make a choice to accept or reject Jesus 


We are

A Place to Worship (Romans 8:17)

  • We withdraw from our personal lives to worship God
  • We seek silent meditation and joyful praise
  • We sing and rejoice, sharing our petitions, concerns and praises with God
  • We express open love and forgiveness
  • We are aware of God’s majesty and grace

A Place to Belong (Romans 1:6)

  • We belong first to Jesus Christ
  • We belong to his church
  • We belong to our church family
  • We encourage one another, sharing faith in fellowship and worship
  • We seek Jesus power made perfect in our weakness, depending on his grace
  • We rely on the Holy Spirit to send mission partners who care for us
  • We provide support to our community

A Place to Grow and Reach out (Ephesians 4:13-16)

  • Our vision is to grow in faith and numbers
  • Serving our Multicultural community
  • Nurturing faith with other churches
  • Serving those with many needs
  • Actioning on our faith
  • Be a welcoming place to all of our community