Blessing Box

Christ Community Church

“It Takes a Village”

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, this Blessing Box was installed in front of Christ Community Church at the corner of Division and Burgar Street. This is a small missional church in the heart of Welland, with a group of tireless members and community partners who seek to find creative ways to help those in need. The Blessing Box project allows us to help people who are struggling with food insecurity.

If you are looking for help, we are here for you! As the sign on the box says, “Take what you need and leave what you can.” Every day we fill the box with a variety of non-perishable food items and sundries. Feel free to stop by and help yourself to whatever it is that you are in need of – no questions asked and no strings attached. Be blessed!

If you have a heart for benevolence and are curious about how you can support this project, we are always looking for more community partners so that we can serve more people who need the help! The theme of this project is “It takes a village” because we know that it takes a village to chip away at the most pressing issues that we face today as a society. There are a lot of people in Welland who are struggling to meet the basic needs of their family in today’s economy. We are committed to helping, but we are a very small group and cannot do it alone. We need you! Please contact one of our Co-Chair Persons listed at the end of this post.

If you have a small donation of food and/or sundries to drop off, you can either place it directly into the Blessing Box or, if the doors of the church are open, you are welcome to come inside and place donations in our donation bin located in the foyer.

If you have many items to donate (e.g. several bags or perhaps boxes of food acquired in bulk) or perhaps a financial donation, arrangements can be made for pick-up or drop-off through our co-chair persons.

Co-Chair Contact Information:  

Robert MacPhee:  [email protected], or 905 732 6010
Sandra MacPhee:  [email protected] or  905 732 8905

Thank You!

We are grateful for the help of the following groups and businesses who generously support the Blessing Box project at Christ Community Church!

  • Highway Chapel, Dunnville
  • Niagara South Canadian Reformed Church, Welland
  • The City of Welland, City Hall
  • Post Cereals, Niagara Falls
  • St. David’s Co-Op Nursery
  • The United Way (7,500 grant)
  • Rose City Dental 
  • Marando Family Dentistry        
  • Jennifer Theyers (Northern Rep./Donater)
  • Maria Shaw   (Southern Rep. Donater)
  • Chris Community Church members
  • Mission Partners of other churches    
  • Napa Auto 


Highway Chapel Dunnville